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zandf_ufo11With the launch of E.P.I.C. Bros webcomic at Kids Love Comics, we’re spotlighting some of the many cool webcomics that are fun for kids of all ages. First up: Dawn Griffin’s Zorphbert and Fred! With 9 years of comic strips to enjoy, anyone new will have plenty to enjoy!



Zorphbert and Fred is a comic strip series by Dawn Griffin about two aliens who come to Earth disguised as dogs to study human life. A young couple adopts them, and they settle into typical suburban life as domesticated dogs. Toss in a bossy manager in a squirrel suit, the neighborhood “weird kid”, and an alien diva neighbor cat, and antics ensue. Taking much inspiration from the TV shows “Third Rock From the Sun” & “Invader Zim”, and comics like “Get Fuzzy” & “Calvin & Hobbes”, Z&F is sci-fi without the overdose of geekery, and social commentary without being preachy. It may also make you laugh. We humans are pretty weird… we just needed an alien to point that out.2012-01-30-490-Bronies

Starting in 2013, Z&F posts once a week on Mondays, with a news/fanart related post on Fridays. Dawn draws 2 comics per week and reserves the extras for the books, while also promoting the series at local libraries, book stores, comic shops and wherever people who like comics, dogs & aliens might frequent. She is active in the comic convention circuits on the East Coast, and also makes appearances at craft & art festivals. Check the sidebar on the main page to see where she’ll be next!

You can also buy the 3 printed volumes of Zorphbert & Fred in the STORE, as well as ebooks, tshirts, and a variety of other fun “alien” merchandise designed by Dawn. Books will be signed by Dawn and she’ll even include a FREE sketch inside just for you!

The Cast:

Species/Position: Alien; Lead Research Cadet
Characteristics: Finicky, detail-oriented and focused. Sarcastic and often annoyed, but loyal to his associates. Panics easily. Long-winded.
Dislikes: Most of pop culture. Probe sanitation. Nettika, most days.
Catch Phrases: “Don’t make me get out my phaser!” Coined the term: “Beta Humans”


Species/Position: Alien; Research Cadet
Characteristics: Light-hearted, compassionate and sociable. A tad over-sensitive. In touch with his “feline” side. What he may lack in street smarts, he makes up for in heart.
Dislikes: Anyone messing with his “kitty sock tail”. Not much else, honestly.
Catch Phrases: “I’m a pretty kitty on the inside!”


Species/Position: Human Male & Female; Research Subjects
Characteristics: Working-class young couple. Cadets had hoped for a typical specimen to study, but these two (the tomboy and the gamer geek) have proved to be anything but average.
Dislikes: Their jobs, reality TV, scrubbing the toilet, and Those Who Pee on the Carpet.
Catch Phrases: “Fetch! Go fetch! Get the ball! Fetch, you stupid little……”


Species/Position: Alien; Lead Research Cadet VIP
Characteristics: Extensive resume, massive ego, snooty attitude, all wrapped up in a cat suit with a stupid pink bow.
Dislikes: Having to babysit the “moron cadets” next door. Dog slobber.
Catch Phrases: “What did you idiots screw up now?”


Species/Position: Human Male, age 10; neighborhood “Weird Kid”
Characteristics: Hyperactive, curious and imaginative. On high doses of Ritalin. “Wired” in more ways than one. Has an affinity for the taste of glue. A rare human who knows the identity of the aliens.
Dislikes: School bullies, most sports, vegetables, any non-caffeinated beverage.
Catch Phrases: “How are we going to take over the world TONIGHT boys?”


Species/Position: Alien; Research Manager
Characteristics: Equally ignorant and conceited. Power-hungry. Foolishly thinks “merit tokens” (dog biscuits) matter at all to the cadets.
Dislikes: Having to check in on his employees. Like, at all.
Catch Phrases: “Just shut up and do it.”


Species/Position: Robodog; Canine Mess-Maker (named “Sproing” by Z&F reader Lynn Savage)
Characteristics: Assigned to aliens to create enough “dog mess” to sustain believability as canines. Flimsily made by IKEA, malfunctions periodically.
Dislikes: Unwelcome intruders. Vacuum cleaner.
Catch Phrases: “Blip. Blip.”


If you’re not sure where to start, either go straight to the beginning,

or check out the storylines on the Archive Page!

Dawn also has a Kickstarter running— check it out here>>


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